What is StealthyLinks?

We built StealthyLinks because that every time you post a web link (URL), whether it be through Facebook, blogs, or even email messages, if Google finds those links, your sharing them makes the destination webpage rank even higher in search results? This is not always a good thing...

Sometimes, it is necessary to share horrible website links, such as to post warnings etc. This free service allows you to share hyperlinks to dangerous, antisocial, or otherwise objectionable webpages, in a way that those pages do not receive any boosts to their search engine ranking.

When to Use StealthyLInks

That answer is simple, suppose you wanted to clear your name from a lawsuit article that was dropped or for which you were acquitted. You may want to reference the legal citations on a site such as Lawsuitsdropped.com where you would set the story straight. However, you don't want to promote those references. In this case, you would use StealthyLinks to cite these references, but without giving "Link Juice" to google.

When NOT to Use StealthyLInks

Links to whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, then you SHOULD NOT use StealthyLinks! In such cases, post the actual links because in doing so, you will help those pages or websites obtain more traffic as a reward for their excellence in journalism, social justice, or whatever noble pursuit is contained within that site.

In A Nut Shell....

StealthyLinks.com allows you to link to websites, without giving them "Google Juice". You can post the StealthyLink in forums, message boards, facebook, twitter, reddit, and other public places without giving shady websites any undue credibility.

Who Are We?

StealthyLinks.com was built as part of the pro-bono and non-profit arms of Page1.me (specialists in removing unfavorable results from Google) and Rexxfield.com, Licensed Private Investigators specializing in catching bad guys online.


Similar to common url shorteners (such as TinyURL, Bit.ly etc), Stealthylinks produces a shortened link to the website URL you submitted. You can use this shortened URL rather than the actual website link, and we'll take care of the rest. You don't even need to visit Stealthylinks.com to use this solution? Place "http://www.Stealthylinks.com/" before the web site's url similar to this: http://www.Stealthylinks.com/www.example.com/illegal-objectionable/stuff.html , and it will work just the same. Exactly how does this prevent the online search engine from crawling the site? StealthyLinks routes hyperlinks to questionable websites with a unique and sophisticated link technology. It forwards real people to the location using javascript. However, this URL is blocked in our robots.txt provision, so that (online search engine) robots are prevented from crawling it and indexing the destination link. The "nofollow" characteristic of the StealthyLink-link, and the intermediate web page, provides the robots with one more reminders to NOT CRAWL and NOT INDEX the web link. If a known robot does make a decision to crawl the StealthyLink-link, our codified safeguards will intervene to prevent this from happening, it does this by serving up blank web pages (403 Unacceptable) rather than rerouting to the destination URL. However we don't rest there. Our team is consistently boosting our algorithms and "bot profiles" with a clever mix of blacklists and determine what crawlers, bots and search engine don't play by our rules, and we deal with them accordingly.
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